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Our bios

Lorri Taylor (lead vocals/percussion)
Lorri Taylor vocals A powerful singer with a bluesy vocal style, Lorri transitions easily between evocative rock standards and contemporary jazz/blues ballads, with a cool energy. Lorri has a wide range of musical experience and is just as classy performing with a single instrument accompaniment in a small club as she is fronting a full band performance in a stadium.

Jim Cruikshank (drums/percussion/vocals)
Jim Cruikshank drummer and vocals An experienced percussionist, Jim has been playing the drums since he was eight years old. After spending time as a drumming instructor at Trinity College School in Port Hope, he toured the A-circuit in the U.S. and Canada for six years with a country rock band, travelling from Tampa to Whitehorse and everywhere in between. When he is not on stage, Jim continues to teach percussion technique and methodology to private students.

John Cadeau (lead guitar/vocals)
Jim Cruikshank drummer and vocals John's versatility on both acoustic and electric guitar allows TimeLine to provide a wide range of musical styles. John began playing professionally at age 16, going on to perform with various Ontario bands such as The Evolutions, JET, and Blue Jay. His voice adds a gritty edge to the band and is a strong counter-point to Lorri's powerful vocal technique.

Frank Artes (bass guitar/vocals)
Jim Cruikshank drummer and vocals As well as providing smooth vocal harmony, Frank lays down a mean bass line with his jazz/rock-influenced bass playing style; driving TimeLine's rhythmic groove with Jim. Frank spent ten years touring the UK with a number of blues/rock bands based in London, where they opened for Canned Heat, Argent, The Groundhogs, Barclay James Harvest, and various other main stage groups that toured Britain at that time.